Wednesday, 22 August 2012



give me your day,
all your horror and your sweetness,
kiss me and rain them down my throat ‘til I am breathless,
talk with your tongue, and your eyes; no speech;
just draw with your fingers
all your crosses on me. Give me your thorns, and your
nails, and stay…nights are lone reasons for
battling in days, lie only
when the depth of your weakness
is almost too much
to stand,
slip your morning into my hand and
your afternoon
wherever you please,
rock me and hold me and let me tease all else
from your weary head, give me only your heart instead,
and with all your secrets
so silently told,
let me lay you down, my love,
and caress your soul like you have never felt,
let me melt your demons
and stroke them away, claw where all
the bad things would play, until they each come free
…and aching with blind
and writhing release…
you pour them, one by one, in 
to me. 

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