Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Playing with 'castles and flames' for this week's Leeds Savage Club task:  

Climb to a mountain’s summit with me,
stop me with eyes across the burning dew,
perhaps we could build a castle here,
in the calm,
amongst swallows,
and skies of ice-blue:
let me smooth and dissipate
any raging tempests in you, and bring down the angels  
to set us a roof,
and we’ll see, my darling, we’ll see…

just as soon as you lay more than eyes
on me and push your fingers inside
my soul, fling out a sail
to stop the roll
of my savage and daily seas; catch my heart in your
hands, strike up the band, and start the dancing
through those clouds we hide our heads in,
waltz with me until the sunset is begging
us home,

to lie together,
and make sugared stars fall,
calling us forth to fell castle walls and strike
a match to light the moat on fire,
asking the moths to fly
our desire to a place it can do no harm,
a place where we only
slow each other’s hearts,
lie in arms, and float a world away;

come now, my love…
we have time enough…
let’s walk up our mountain today.


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