Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Day Thirteen - #WoPoWriMo - Roulette

Show me a Russian roulette of breeze,
confetti tumbling from skeleton trees, a dark
wonderland of the winter freeze and a stretching
necklace of red;
winking and blinking up
ahead, to light
all my yellow brick road…

Let me follow
bright sugar-drops,
all the way home, like a fabled,
breadcrumb trail;
and tell me then, a
snow-queen tale, as I turn
Fortune’s fragile wheel.
   Ice-encrusted, it melts to reveal, awesome
moments of sharpened
breath; and I look back
and forth
at depths
of tomorrow,
and tomorrow, 
all at once,
as fallen stars creep up on me,
and whisper,
they were there all along. 

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