Saturday, 16 February 2013

Day Fifteen - #WoPowriMo - Testimony

I walked
past the church today,
bells all ringing
as they cast me away; said: ‘nothing
      - go roll in your dust’. And I wondered
if maybe
my wander-lust and the stars,
through branches,
had caught up with me.

I swallowed my scars,
and wondered, on you,
all effervescent light,
as the world came down around me,
and claimed a shimmering
night of passion
and a glorious flame,
as I fell to my knees and howled
your name amongst angels
and dragons
of rust;

my shackles all powdered
and turned to
dust, in an instant, when I felt waning
and you lay down beside me and told
me a tale;
your heart,
your soul,
were not for
sale, in a cross-winter wind.

You were only just
biding your time,
and waiting
for life
to begin. 

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