Thursday, 28 February 2013

Day Twenty-Eight - #WoPoWriMo - The Distant Kiss Goodnight

I send you now
a kiss goodnight,
to stop your world from turning,
to cast out the demons
and the burning moments
of cold and blinding light,
that shine all across day’s toils
and sharpen the points of night…
like a fox, I creep
through silent snow
in spirit to deliver
a soft, golden glow of comfort and touch
your soul with grace,
fan my wings
like bellows
at your fireplace, and wrap you
in darkness
to forget every chore, as the
ice-moon rises
you have dreams
to explore; lay down now,
close the blinds,
shut the door,
I send you serenity, the stars, more…
…and all this only
in a will,
and a wish…
all this only
in a distant kiss
Seemed fitting for the final day... Goodnight - #WoPoWriMo is complete! :) 

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