Saturday, 9 February 2013

Day Eight: #WoPoWriMo - Ain't No Sunshine


I dreamed of you, and the way
you touch, of gentle fingers, and
the fairy-dust that falls like
tumbling, glitter-rust, through
body, and mystified soul. I
dreamed of caresses and the
way you hold and, how you
wrap and envelope
all of me
like the smallest rose,
coaxing joy
into hungry bones. With an
that bends and folds,
all reason beyond all doubt, I
dreamed of how you filter out
warm rays
through days of ice-cold, I
felt your dream-strands
of beautiful gold, change my colours
and entwine me 
in affectionate embrace;

and pushing
through the clouds, I awoke,
with a longing to see
your face. 

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