Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Day Five: #WoPoWriMo - Snow Falling


The world was enthroned,
this morning,
on frost,
all distant things
and lost in depths of a late-winter charm;
in flakes
that fluttered,
then nestled, in arms, that promised
an elegant embrace. Softer than satin,
more delicate than lace, they settled
as eyes, on a beloved
face, dusted a branch
with Aphrodite’s grace and sweet sugar,
in the early, half-light. The only senses,
were unblemished sight,
and the ability
to rapturously feel, as feathered fingers
did silently steal
the caresses of a fond, crystal glaze.
Ice-fairies happily bathed, in lagoons
that warmed
on a palm upturned,
each was unique, and blessed with pearls,
and diamonds,
of inimitable kind, as the darkness gave way
to desolate beauty,
and the soaring of an engaged mind.

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