Thursday, 7 February 2013

Day Six: #WoPoWriMo - The Night Comes Calling


A warning of red,
spreads across a sky,
lowing and bleating, as a day
creeps by, lost in tomorrow and
bovine sighs of lava-hot breath.
Lonely feline, treads and tests, her way,
a stepping-stone path;
cotton-wool calls
down to ask, if a moon
should light the hunt.

Beneath me, you shift,
flanks growing,
soft grunt
of impatience
as we take in the view. A train rattles by
on the viaduct below:
and it ought 
to shatter our peace.

But it raises no more than
gentle release as you drop
your hock to rest.
Watching the sunset, we are
more than blessed with effervescent glory;
and we listen
to increasing,
as the night comes calling.

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