Sunday, 3 February 2013

Day Three: #WoPoWriMo - Train-Lights


Blind train-lights loom
as the frigid,
night’s mist,
comes curling, and caressing
around me,
embracing like arms, or vines,
round a pine tree;
cool and fragile,
as tender,
blown glass;
and a forest, of stark,
to the sound  
of an imagined,

Nothing’s given over;
nothing asked,
but the stars
all glitter
in response.
The brightest holds out
his beams to me
and requests
my hand
to dance.
Amidst the evening,
we whirl, entranced,
and then stopping,
hold on,
and stand.

Head to head,
eye to eye,
the night offers me
kisses, and heavy 
sighs, as he beseeches,
‘only stay’.
I glance up,
at the squealing train,
and I turn away;
more inclined, 
to remain, 
here, in his peaceful

The silent night, 
and I, 
walk home together;
our serenity a soothing balm.      

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