Friday, 1 February 2013

Day One: #WoPoWriMo - Driver

A thousand red tails lights,
and a bread crumb trail,
illuminate the finer points
of minor
they ask me to name it
and the truth is
unveiled: suddenly everything,
(yet nothing)
all at once.

That finer point is surprisingly blunt,
and earnestly vague,
in ever the coldest,
most winter-light
of days, and they pass
in the same,
old-mournful ways, as all the things
you choose,
not to hear,
or see.

And in the darkness,
the break lights,
light up
only me, and all the secrets
I still long to disguise;
as I place my tired  hands
on the spinning wheel of life,
and close my blind-weary eyes...

...waiting now,
for the signal to change,
and someone else
to drive.

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