Saturday, 2 February 2013

Day Two: #WoPoWriMo - They Came to Cut the Trees Today


They came to cut the trees back
slowly chopping, and sawing;
gently hacking
away; at my memories
of golden
summer days.
The creaking of wood screamed,
and splintered
my gaze, from the window
of the room
with a view.

All the branches they considered,
too long and too low, 
severed in sweet morning’s
serenity. Buzzing monster
offered no indemnity, and with them
crashed down,
all my youthful eternity,
in the knowledge
of time,
they would take,
to re-grow.

Gone, the bow,
where a childhood once sat.
Gone, all those green-dreams, so idly
cast, to the clouds,
through tangled rooftops,
and the heat-bleached leaves.
Gone, something simple,
the day they came
to cut
the trees.      

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