Sunday, 24 February 2013

Day Twenty-Three - #WoPoWriMo - Ask No Questions


Ask no questions: and you see only lies,
take a pencil,
write the truth,
like diamonds on the sky, sign it
on the clouds as they roll,
and sigh, with the thunder of too-loud
thoughts. A seed of doubt, can rarely be
caught and planted
as a dandelion clock, its pretty head
until the ticking stops
with an answer,
and virtues explained. Too many
quick mistakes
or decisions were made,
too hasty, on all wrong ends of sticks,
too much
half-seen, under pale moonlight;
vexed foundations
of absent bricks. Tread tender in
assumption, walk light in rage,
for every unfinished story has
a missing page, on which heated fire
is born. Turn each, and every leaf 
with care;
be sure
you have seen them all.


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