Sunday, 24 February 2013

Day Twenty-Four - #WoPoWriMo - Religion


Bring me something like worship,
…I heard it’s Sunday today;
bring me reverence,
abject honour,
in all that you say, 
and do, 
now strip me down
to bare bones,
to be kissed
and caressed 
in ever-dulcet tones of prayer,
where we admire
every inch,
unwrap all my robes, take a candle
and singe my soul 
at an altar of truth; confess, 
and on my knees
I shall worship you, in return,
more beautiful than the light,
pouring oil, or something like it, to
gracefully anoint; 
turn true passions
on; and you and I
have religion, made 
all our own.

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