Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Day Nineteen - #WoPoWriMo - The Heart Thief

Resigned to amazement,
every which way,
destined to watch
and stand stunned
by each
new day, and all the things you encounter,
new challenges faced ,
my smiling pirate
of unexplored seas –

you rock and you roll
and dip
and tease, as birds
in an ecstasy of flight,
causing my marvel,
each wondrous morning,
my glory,
each unexplained night.

I watch you flower,
in moonlight,
through a curtain’s crack,
and you stop your sea-battle just to ask,
how the storm clouds
ever came
to be formed; 
and you shock me always,
with the gems
in your eyes
in the sunlight of a summer dawn.

An angel, an imp, until the light is gone,
kind ghost
amongst evening stars,
my mischievous sprite whilst the fog
is rolling –
I will never
quite know what you are.

For Linsy. xxx 

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