Thursday, 21 February 2013

Day Twenty-One #WoPoWriMo - Time and Tide


Like a windmill, time turns,
with the sky on his  back, a million
steps to tread
off a long-beaten
track, walking back and forth
as a moon comes to pass, calling
to all of the day.

He tells me of
sparkling nights again,
in the ‘forever’,
that is held in a palm,
and I have no desire to ever go home,
to the places
I feel less warm. Tonight, I stand,
indefinitely torn,
by want,
and by duty, all the same.

So I climb up the ivory tower,
all the way,
and I hold out my hand at the top.
He lays no rose by the door at all,
and he does not knock;

but I open the windows and I let
in the birds – and singing,
they say every
thing I have heard
in words,

-        - sometimes countless more besides –

but they do not have the strength
left to turn
this ever-rolling

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